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merry 1st christmas from t

photo (2)with her new toy train!! YAY CHRISTMAS!



and so . . .

art therapy was amazing. i believe one of these days i am going to feel like a real artist and speak arabic and then the sky will sing, and me too.

in the meantimes, i am hunting for a creative cluster in town, and trying to pay attention to what is in front of me. that is the hardest part for me about being an artist–staying present moment to moment, watching and seeing truly.

i had a great birthday, got to be with good friends and family. going to the art class was my present too. i cant let myself get too far from the creative process again.

In other news, we did a joint birthday for e and her bff j. there were horses and a hay ride, cake, pizza. the usual. 🙂

tomorrow, the hubbub of the office returns and it is fall and that is my most favorite season.


it’s spring break!!!

but apparently the weather didn’t get the memo, because it’s freezing, and yesterday was so snowy.

anyhooo….we’re doing okay.  running is going.  had 9 min 31 sec mile and a half the other day which is fantastic.   i forget which writer said that he hated writing but loved to have written.  in some ways, running is like that for me.  it can be hard to make myself go, but then once i do, i feel so much better.  my heart hurts in that good way of having worked it the way it’s meant to be worked.

i got a fancy camera, way, way above my pay grade.  i keep saying that but likely if i keep practicing and take a class or two, maybe my pay will go up to match the camera?  i doubt it.  i work in non-profit land.

anyway, we used some tax return funds and found a great camera on craigslist and it’s so nice.  i got it for taking video (it takes HD video!) and for making videos which is one of my favorite parts of my job.  so i’ve been taking lots of pictures and videos and putting them together for presentations and it’s great.  i’ve always been mildly interested in photography, but up until now, it’s been for other people.  i didn’t think i could ever take any good pictures.  they say if you want to make good art, you have to make lots of bad art first.  so that’s been my motto.  and boy have i taken some bad pictures. 🙂

anyway, i’m posting a lot of the pictures over here, because it’s easier than posting to wordpress.  fyi.

baby girl is growing so big.  she’s at the 95% for her height and 90% for weight.  breastmilk agrees quite well with her.  she’s having more and more alert time and so that’s really fun.  she’s not quite got the hang of sucking on her hands yet, but she’s so excited to notice them.  everyday she thrusts a fist in the air and stares at it like it’s the 10th wonder of the world.  she’s a sweetie.

today, k & i are installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom and rearranging the bedroom.  super excited about that.  i love moving furniture, but our bedroom stuff is a little too heavy for me to do on my own.

we have a busy weekend ahead, a play friday night with gramps & lulu, a weekend at gram & pop’s and then we’re right back into the thick of things here.

which is just where i like to be.

A blog to change the world

My daughter is five weeks old today.  Her dark eyes and hair stand out in sharp contrast to her older sister’s fair coloring and ocean blue eyes.  To say the least, we are all quite in love.

And she is going to be my introverted thinker, I believe.  She quietly takes the world in, bit by bit.  She rarely gets upset about anything (unlike her older sister who screamed most of her first six weeks of life).  But little T does have her limits.  When she is hungry, there is no polite “may I have a nibble?”  She goes from zero to unglued in 2.5 seconds.  And since she is breastfed, there are times that she simply has to wait, even though it seems like the end of the world to her.

We were driving home from the grocery store yesterday when she got hungry.  She proceeded to let us all know about it.  Loudly.  Even though we were literally only three minutes from home, it was heartbreaking for this momma to watch her little one express hunger and know that there was nothing I could do to ease her frustration and pain until the car was safely parked.

Of course, we arrived home in one piece, and she was promptly fed.  All was well.

But the experience led me to think about all the babies in the world, breastfed and otherwise, whose mommas can’t guarantee that they’ll be fed when they are hungry.

In France during World War II, many women found themselves pregnant after being raped or seduced by German soldiers.  Once the Germans were kicked out, these women were publicly shamed and outcast.  There are stories of women whose babies died because no one would offer these “traitors” even a glass of water.  Without adequate water, their breast milk dried up and the babies starved.

It’s heartbreaking to think that the lack of something as simple as fresh water, something you and I can so easily acquire, could mean starvation for a child too young to understand the injustice of it all.

But it’s still happening.  Only 27% of people in Northern Afghanistan have access to fresh drinking water.  That means almost three quarters of babies born there are either malnourished from the breastmilk of a mother who cannot get enough water or poisoned from the breastmilk of a mother drinking bacteria-laden water.  (see the World Health Organization stats here)

The tragedy is overwhelming.  And completely preventable.

Afghanistan American Friendship Foundation works to provide Afghan communities with clean water.  And they are doing a great job.  In 2012, AAFF dug 25 wells to provide a safe water source for over 12,500 people.

What does it take to provide wells for that many people?  It takes caring.  One ten dollar donation helps AAFF provide an entire family enough clean drinking water for life.  Life.  Ten dollars is roughly two packages of bottled water here in the US.  Or two cups of coffee at Starbucks.

What would happen if we all gave up just a little to make sure that everyone had enough?

It will save lives.  And to quote from Beasts of the Southern Wild, we absolutely must “take care of the things that are smaller and sweeter than [us].”

Click here to donate to change a life.

Click here to like their Facebook page and spread the word.

kids need water to grow
kids need water to grow

somebody knows how to use google translate. :)

a card from a sweet lady
a card from a sweet lady

i will save it for always.

we continue to adjust to newborn hood.  it’s true, we never realized what we were missing til we met her.  🙂  my uncle and aunt sent her a sweet book called “the night you were born.”  if you haven’t read it, get it.  it’s so sweet and special.

and it’s true for you too.

a good friend of mine told me that babies practice all the sounds of all the languages in the world in their first few months, and then they settle on the ones they hear most frequently.  so i’m giving her a good خ (kh) now and again, so hopefully that letter will be easier for her someday.
she’s also attending the french class i’m teaching at the homeschool co-op, which is fun.

in other, non-baby news, i walked 3 times this week, in preparation for in two weeks when i can start running again.  i’ve missed running.  i actually find walking a little harder than running in some ways.  it’s tough to go slow.  i always kind of feel like a boss when i run.

i’m dabbling back into work also, and it’s going okay.  the advocacy world doesn’t stop when you’re on maternity leave, so sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to pop in.  but i’m getting an assistant soon, and she’ll be helpful, i’m sure.

we have dear friends coming to visit this weekend and another set next weekend.  we’re so excited, we love visitors.  aaand, that also means play.  and we like to play.  a lot.


so i know it was a spam comment, but still….

it said something like, “I hope when i come back to your blog you have something more interesting to say besides whining to get attention.”

spammers are getting smarter.  and this post is not much more interesting than the last.  sorry to disappoint you spammer-dude.

still preggers.  it’s been a good week off.  we had  a quiet christmas that was mostly the 3 of us, with a visit from dear friends for a viewing of the lorax.  we’ve seen that movie so many times, but we love it and it’s so good.  and it makes me cry every time.  seriously, care people.  care about the trees and the planet.  soap box over.

speaking of caring for the planet, i’m going to give cloth diapering a go.  i’m a little nervous.  it’s kinda intimidating.  i wanted to because of all the other stuff we do for the planet, like the 6 boxes of worms in my basement for eating our trash (anybody want some worms?? the expression should be breeding like worms instead of rabbits…just sayin’) and composting and recycling and re-using and buying used instead of new as much as possible, etc.  it seemed like a no-brainer that if we bring another kid in, we should do it as greenly as possible.

and i have lots of friends who have managed well, some with kids in daycare even.  so surely it can’t be that bad.

maybe.  i’ll have to get back to you on that one.

i had a prenatal visit today.  80% eff, loads of braxton hicks, nausea, general ucky-ness.  i’m hoping that all those signs point to imminent domain delivery.

and it’s going to be okay.  all of it.  and us.  you, me, everybody.

around this time last year i posted this about holding new babies and how hopeful they are.  and this year, i get to hold my own hopeful newbie.   that’s very exciting.  and definitely worth waiting for…as if i have any other options. 🙂



ramblings of a very pregnant lady…

i miss blogging.  it used to be a regular part of my routine, but lately it’s seemed mostly like when i sit down to write, i have too many things to say.  too many feelings to squeeze into thoughts in type.

i feel empty, which is ironic because i’m 32 weeks full of baby.  but empty in the way where i’m waiting for something.  waiting for something i can’t predict or know yet.

the experience of having e was painful (beyond the obvious, of course) and so this time around i’m pondering all those emotions and expectations i had before.  i’m wiser now, i’ve surrendered more of my expectations.  but i still have some.  and i have questions.  i wonder if t’s hair will be more like mine, if she’ll be a chunky baby like e, or maybe i’ll be able to carry her until she’s 3.  i wonder what sort of temperament she’ll have.  will she be a quiet sob-er or a bloody murder screamer?  or a mouse-like squealer?

when ellie was a baby, i could always tell the severity of her cry by how much space there was between the initial whimper/cry and the full on cry.  if it was really bad, there was a long gap.  short ones were rehearsals.

i remember when she fell off the bed while we were traveling overseas.  one of the most terrifying experiences of our lives.  right up there with getting stitches earlier this year.

i used the phrase “my children” yesterday, and i was talking about my biological children.  it was surreal.  and i know i keep talking about this, but i really do wonder how our little family of three will be once we’re a family of four.  what will that look like?

so i wait.  empty and open handed for now.  but definitely expectant.