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merry 1st christmas from t

photo (2)with her new toy train!! YAY CHRISTMAS!



tree streets and other treasures

i love the tree street sales in johnson city with my whole heart.

there are four or five streets there, side by side, with names of trees (walnut, pine, etc) and every fall the whole neighborhood has a yard sale for a whole weekend.  and it goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks.  up and down these streets.  so many treasures.

anyway, i try to go every year if i can.  and i got to go yesterday and it was marvelous.  even t had a good time.  when she got tired, she started to sound like a bear, and i laid the stroller seat back, and she passed out.  easiest nap times ever.

i didn’t actually come home with that many treasures yesterday.  but rather just the experience of walking and seeing.  touching antiques, enjoying the beauty.  and for me, that was treasure enough.


it’s spring break!!!

but apparently the weather didn’t get the memo, because it’s freezing, and yesterday was so snowy.

anyhooo….we’re doing okay.  running is going.  had 9 min 31 sec mile and a half the other day which is fantastic.   i forget which writer said that he hated writing but loved to have written.  in some ways, running is like that for me.  it can be hard to make myself go, but then once i do, i feel so much better.  my heart hurts in that good way of having worked it the way it’s meant to be worked.

i got a fancy camera, way, way above my pay grade.  i keep saying that but likely if i keep practicing and take a class or two, maybe my pay will go up to match the camera?  i doubt it.  i work in non-profit land.

anyway, we used some tax return funds and found a great camera on craigslist and it’s so nice.  i got it for taking video (it takes HD video!) and for making videos which is one of my favorite parts of my job.  so i’ve been taking lots of pictures and videos and putting them together for presentations and it’s great.  i’ve always been mildly interested in photography, but up until now, it’s been for other people.  i didn’t think i could ever take any good pictures.  they say if you want to make good art, you have to make lots of bad art first.  so that’s been my motto.  and boy have i taken some bad pictures. 🙂

anyway, i’m posting a lot of the pictures over here, because it’s easier than posting to wordpress.  fyi.

baby girl is growing so big.  she’s at the 95% for her height and 90% for weight.  breastmilk agrees quite well with her.  she’s having more and more alert time and so that’s really fun.  she’s not quite got the hang of sucking on her hands yet, but she’s so excited to notice them.  everyday she thrusts a fist in the air and stares at it like it’s the 10th wonder of the world.  she’s a sweetie.

today, k & i are installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom and rearranging the bedroom.  super excited about that.  i love moving furniture, but our bedroom stuff is a little too heavy for me to do on my own.

we have a busy weekend ahead, a play friday night with gramps & lulu, a weekend at gram & pop’s and then we’re right back into the thick of things here.

which is just where i like to be.

it’s almost the beeeeeeeeeech.

man….i neeeeeeeed the beeeeeeech.  and probably also fewer e’s.

i love going to the beach.  i mean, who doesn’t?  it’s a little sad this year to go without ky. last year was easily our best vacation ever as a family, and i will definitely miss him. he’s staying behind because of the new business.  he’s planning a weekend in the mountains alone, for some monk time to write.  i hope he gets good rest there too.

aaaand, i’m really glad to be going.  usually we go earlier in the summer, but even this time, going to the beach is a lot like a reset button for me.  detox, from work, from responsibility.  i usually read a book a day or something on the beach, i make as few decisions as possible, and i look for treasures in antique and thrift stores which makes me feel like a pirate because it’s at the beach and there’s treasure involved.

i love it.  really.  and i always kick start my summer running at the beach.  since i’m going so late this year, it’s a little bit late of a kick-start, but nonetheless, i have the go-ahead from my mid-wife to start slow and go for it.  so i will.

yes.  my midwife.  after all the baby-fever of 2009, and the determination to not procreate for fear of being overwhelmed and outnumbered of years 2010-2011, we decided earlier this year to try.  and we made a baby.

the newest member of our family is due to arrive somewhere around january 2, 2013.  so far the changes to our life are only that mostly, i’ve been nauseated 23-24 hours a day, minus the sleeping ones, with a few mad dashes to the bathroom to lose the breakfast, lunch, or dinner that happens to be weighing me down in a given moment.  and i could use about 14 more hours of sleep a day.   buut, little sprout seems quite content on the heartbeat monitor and so i imagine that he or she is.

ellie was ecstatic when we told her.  she’s convinced it’s a girl, though she says it’d be easier if it was a boy so she’d be less distracted at homeschooling.  i’m convinced it doesn’t really matter, the kids are usually distracted at homeschooling by flies and the color blue. a baby will be…well, a baby.

i’m convinced it’s a girl too.  buut, i thought ellie was a boy, so don’t listen to me, i have no idea.

aaand, so our family moves into a new chapter.  on the insurance form, they listed us as a family of 4.  and that’s strange to me, because we’ve been 3 for so long.  but, i have a feeling that this new member is going to change our family  for good things and that we’ll be wondering how we ever lived without him or her.

i had a dream night before last

actually, i’m dreaming like crazy every night.  really vivid dreams.  i usually remember my dreams well, but i don’t usually have them every single night.   but now i do for some reason.

anyway, i had this dream about escaping from a danger, and it was a very serious danger, and i don’t remember if it was an invasion or what, but my family and i had to get out very quickly from my hometown of marshall.  ha ha.  anyway, someone gave us a million dollars to escape with, and we were making all these preparations to leave.  several of the refugee families we knew were helping us escape, and though they were sad, they wanted us to be safe.

anyway, two strange things happened in my dream.  one, in the midst of trying to escape, i stopped and painted a painting.  it was a painting of a forest at night, and it was dark, but in the painting you could see shadows of people dancing.

two, on my way out of town, i stopped at a dr’s office with one of the families and paid off their $30,000 medical bill.  in real life, this lady’s been having many medical issues, and in my dream, i knew that it would be a long time before i saw her again and that we didn’t need that million dollars to leave, so i stopped and paid her bill.


anyway, so yesterday was my day off and i woke up determined to paint.

it’s very much in process, but if i wait to post pictures, i might not.

a couple of months ago, i heard this refrain from a bunch of radicals i know.  anyway, i like it, and i believe it’s what this painting and my dream are about.

“even in the dark, we will trust, that our lives are still in your hands”

graduates, graduates everywhere

you know, it’s funny.

when i graduated from high school, we ruined that graduation practices for the subsequent classes.  the mhs class of 99 was obnoxious at graduation.  most of my class gave the principal a condom in exchange for a diploma.  there were lots of beach balls and silly string, people shouting with air horns during speeches.  it was hilarious to us.   after that, they changed a lot of the graduation procedures to ensure that the class was polite through the ceremony.  class of 99 certainly left its mark.

but i’ve been to several graduations in the last week, and last night, it was the principal who handed the class a beach ball!  it was laid back and fun.  the senior prank was giving bricks and shovels and all sorts of building equipment to the principal, because the school is building a new high school this year.  anyway, the principal was quite good natured about it all, and i found myself wondering what the difference is.

and then, i remembered.

since i graduated from high school, there have been 3 presidents, at least half a dozen major terrorist attacks, two wars, multiple military coups, a few genocides, a spread of school shootings across the entire country, an economic “downturn” (which is only our polite way of saying depression) and last but not least culture wars about everything and  everyone under the sun.

oh yeah.

maybe people are starting to realize that these newly graduated kids (ack!  i’m turning into an old woman!) know plenty about serious things.  maybe we should show them how to have fun.  maybe.

in any case, it was fun.  i know why so many people in small towns like going to the local graduation, even if it’s not a relative who’s graduating:  it’s because it’s hopeful.  seeing them start out, fresh and new, well, it’s like holding a new baby.  it just plants hope where you need it most.

having a horticulturalist husband is handy

because i love green things and plants and compost and fresh fruits and veggies.

but i forget things like water, pruning etc.  but since i have this handy husband, the plants don’t (usually) die.  yay for that.

not from our garden, actually from the botanical gardens in washington. but...i hope we add an orchid to our lives soon.