It felt love


Did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its


It felt the encouragement of light

Against its



We all remain



-Hafiz (trans. Daniel Ladinsky)


the ice age

it’s freezing here.  all the time.

after a while, i’m so numb, i

don’t notice my toes and fingers

turning blue and

falling off.

all of the wool hats, scarves,

and mittens in the world are

useless here.  worthless.

global warming, my ass.  more like

the world is sinking slowly into

the icy dark artic where jack &

rose fought hard for warmth

and love.

how’s this supposed to work, anyway?

how does the fire shut up in my

bones make it to my


what does warm feel like next to you?

happily ever after

sometimes, i am afraid of poetry.

there are occasionally too many moonless dark

nights where even the slick backed bats are staying

inside so the opaque nothing black hole won’t

consume their daughters and sons

my head swirls in a volcano of emotion spewing

chaos, grasping, treading in the thick sticky glob

of anything but peace.

those poems scare me.  because i never know

if there’ll be a happy ending.

i need the happy ending.

i need the feather light feeling of

floating on my captains love over

the night and over the soup of


i want to breathe in the

heartening peace that

sweeps me off my

feet into a bed of pale

pink roses and silk.

the freedom of walking wherever my lover wants to go.

but somedays, i just don’t know where the poem will go.

learning to love