if you’re jaded

and interested in getting inspired, here are a few things i’ve read that i’d recommend:


    • educating esme: a diary of a first year teacher by esme raji codell—must read for anyone in educational settings.
    • the glass castle by jeannette walls—the story of a a woman’s childhood through issues of poverty and addiction
    • hunger of memory by richard rodriguez—growing up in a bi-lingual world and wrestling through his home and school language
    • a people’s history of the united states by howard zinn—this is a long dense book. but if you’re interested in social justice and restoration for people, it’s an excellent read for understanding what’s often left out of history textbooks
    • mayada: daughter of iraq by jean sasson—the story of a woman falsely accused under sadaam
    • infidel by ayaan hirsi ali—a somali woman who left her family and the story of her courage
    • a million miles in a thousand years by don miller—really great narrative of don’s walk through helping to write the script for the movie blue like jazz and how we can decide how we want to write our own stories.
    • dance of the dissident daughter: search for the sacred feminine by sue monk KiddI loved reading this book. Having daughters and struggling with my own feminine heart made reading her journey so special.
  • fiction:
    • 1000 splendid suns by khaled housseini—author of kite runner, he brings the tragedy of women under the taliban to a story that is heartbreaking and full of empowerment
    • the wicked years by gregory maguire—a fresh look at a beloved children’s tale. a series full of the “real” story from the wizard of oz. but he has other lesser known books from other fairy tales…fantastic pleasure reading


    • any hafiz is a must read, the sufi-persian poet had an amazing way with metaphor. daniel ladinsky’s “renditions” are the best (some people prefer that term rather than translations because ladinsky has taken anachronistic liberties with hafiz’s poetry). my favorites are far too many to list. but the collection i heard God laughing is splendid
    • my index of slightly horrifying knowledge by paul guest brings the reader really far into what it means to recover and accept. he’s a fantastic poet
    • wind in a box by terrance hayes is just a great read. he’s witty, clever, and i don’t know for sure, but i bet he’s cute too.
    • tenderhooks by beth ann fennelly is a wonderful book of poetry about life and motherhood. it’s the kind of poetry to read on a sunny day with the window open. if you want to that is.

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