if you’re curious

so…what is important for you to know?

i intentionally don’t capitalize anything.   in high school, when i first read e e cummings, i loved the style he used.  some of the poetry was good too (obviously), but mostly i just loved the informality of the letters and crazy lines.  and when i don’t have to write capitals, i don’t.

secondly, i don’t fit into any of your stereotypes.  but the truth is, you don’t fit into any of mine either.  none of us do.   but if you want some clues about me, i believe in and work towards social justice for refugees on a daily basis.  i live as greenly as possible, caring for the environment and my family in a healthy way.  i am a sucker for mason jars and canning things.  i parent two beautiful girls with as much fierce love and courage as i can muster.  usually after a decent cup of coffee.  i am married to someone i love deeply.  i play with poetry, watercolors, photography, sewing and other creative pursuits as my spirit leads.  i believe that love does reign and that we are all desperately trying to know if that is true.

finally, the title of this blog comes from a song i heard almost six years ago when my life changed drastically.  the song is about a glorious idea that there is so much more to our world than we can see.  like only using 10% of our brain’s actual processing power, there are things i cannot imagine, like colors i’ve never seen.


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